Follower of One
Community of Christians committed to following Jesus and making him known in our sphere of influence

Follower of One

What is Follower of One?

Follower of One is a community of leaders who follow Jesus. We want to live genuine lives of authentic influence as leaders who follow Jesus full-time.

We know there is more to faith in Jesus than attending church and staying out of trouble. Many times we choose to remain anonymous rather than speak up or act in a way that brings attention to our faith. But rather than stay in the shadows, we want the light of Jesus to make a difference in our sphere of influence. We want to be able to give a reason for the hope that is in us. And we want our faith to be something that matters 24 x 7 instead of just when we're at church. 

This community is our effort to connect with people who want to be full-time Christ-followers. Why do we have to leave our jobs to become full-time ministers? Why can't we spend more of our day, every day, present with Jesus, watching him change our world and use us to make a positive difference. Join us?

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